Q: Why another Linux distribution?
A: Basically to have an operating system with my set of software usable safely in live, installable quickly and upgradeable easily.

Q: Why base it on Ubuntu?
A: For simplicity to use, huge repositories, default kernel supporting most recent hardware.

Q: Why should you use Zplinux?
A: No particular reason for now, try it and make your own choice.

Q: How to install Zplinux on your computer?
A: Click on install in the Desktop, or from a terminal type "sudo gparted" to manage your partition then "sudo ubiquity" to load the Ubuntu installer then follow the instructions.

Q: When you shut down the sytem, it ejects the cd then seems to be stuck?
A: This problem appears only in live, the splash screen cover a message that says to remove the cd and press ENTER to let the computer finish the shut down process, so just press ENTER when it's stuck. It will be fixed in the next version.

Q: How to upgrade Zplinux?
A: Zplinux is based on Ubuntu, so You can upgrade it like you would upgrade Ubuntu: sudo apt-get upgrade, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

Q: You've got a problem with Zplinux how to fix it?
A: If there is nothing about it in this faq or in the forum, just look in google for your problem description + ubuntu. If it does not help, you can post it in the forum.